Voice search is latest consumer buzz word in the digital marketing and internet of things industry. Now the word is moving beyond SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, contextual marketing. It is a era of Voice Search powered by AI & ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning). In these blog we will try to answer some basic question about Voice Search and Voice Search Optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voice Search Optimization

What is voice search?

Voice search is most recent search method used by a user in search, PC or mobile phone. Voice search happen when a user try to find something by speaking instead of typing a text. Going bit technically, in voice search, voice interface like mice is used to take inputs by a computer or mobile phones.This inputs in form of your voice is recognised by softwares and then the search results are shown. The software that are capable of recognizing voices and are able to interpret it are called Natural language processors ( NLP).

How voice search is different from text search?

As I said earlier, you don’t need to type a word or phrase to find something if you are using a voice search tool. It is more easy for you to speak something rather then typing anything. You are more natural while speaking than writing. For a user voice search is more convenient as he does not have to engage his hand & eyes. Instead he is using his voice. A user can do multitasking. For a machine that uses voice as input it is bit difficult that is why technology is at work here.  A machine like our mobile, PC or Digital Assistant devices like ( Google Home & Alexa Echo ), will receive  a user’s command, understand it and then perform the task.The task could be like-

  • Playing music for device or internet
  • Reading news
  • Creating shopping list
  • Calling to a number of calling to someone from your address book.
  • Sending messages
  • Searching something on search engines ( This is where every digital marketer should be interested in)

How can I search something using voice search?

Well, I depends on what device you want to try. To make it simple. I am taking a example of most commonly used  android phones. Just see a mic icons in search bar, Tab it and say anything you want to search. In all probability google will be able to catch the lines and show the results in using Google Search. Alternatively, you can download Google Assistant app. Google Assistant will do all job as listed in answer of previous question.

Is voice search only limited to Android and Google ?

No, I didn’t mean that. Apart from Google, Amazon has Alexa, Apple had Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

They are are able to understand languages specially voice. These are called NLP (natural language processors). Google & Amazon have created virtual assistance. They have used their NLP is devices like mobile phone and even made new devices.

What are the Virtual assistant device available for common use ?

Google have Google home, Amazon have Amazon Echo

Can I user voice search in every device?

In general most of the recent PC, laptops and mobile sets are capable for voice search.

Will my website rank differently for voice search and text search?

There is a possibility that page rank of your website in search engines may be different for voice search and text search.

Why? Will google prefer voice search or treat a voice search user differently?

No, Google will not treat a voice user differently and it will not change the page rank for a keyword regardless of voice search or text search. The difference is in how a user makes a query using voice search. As explained earlier, the users are more natural while searching with voice. They will user different words or user different set of words in voice search then in text search. Since the choice of words or combination of words are different in voice search and text search , the search result are bound to be different.The users tend to use longer words while speaking and they will use less number of words while they type. Plus, while they type a word, they are assisted by google predictive text, hence the will again type less.

Should I optimize my website differently for voice search?

I would say “a definitely yes“. Because as per google 20% of searches are already happening through voice search and it is bound to go up. By the time I am writing this Google Home and Amazon Echo are breaking every quater sales record. The number are bound to go up rapidly.

Will text search die?

No not exactly. I hope they will co exist like online and offline shops. But there will be a definit shift towards voice seach and voice search share in increasing and will be increaseing. Like a product manufacturer who cannot misse either online or offline sales, A digital marketer, website owner, content owners (like video channels, News channel, Radio etc) cannot afford to ignore voice search optimization.

Is there any similarity between voice search and virtual assistance?

Voice search is a search assistance which is only a function if virtual assistance. Virtual assistance is very broad in term of what it can do for you. A virtual assistance do a lot of job for you using voice command. It can search for you and read the results, play music and videos, make calls, create a showing list and lot many more. Voice search is a small part of virtual assistance.


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