It is not a rocket science to know what it takes to write a fashion blog post to gets more traffic. I think making a good reader base in form of subscribers out of a fashion blog is relatively easy.

I read every new blog post of one of my favorite fashion blogger every week. At the same time, I even do not open any mail from a dull blogger whom once I encountered accidentally. A bad blog post reading is like accident that we wish to forget.

Fashion blogs are no exception. An impressed fashion enthusiastic is your prospective reader & subscriber.  He will bring more reader and come back himself again & again. At the same time, a dissatisfied reaser will never come back and may make a mockery of your blog in social Media.

Mastering the art of fashion blog writing skills –

Observation is best self learning skill.If you want to master the fashion blog writing skills then just leave everything and read 100 of well ranked fashion blog post in ever niche like hairstyling, office wear, sportswear and beachwear etc. and write what you liked and what you didn’t like in a piece of paper, the answer will be in front of you.

You can yourself prepare the list of tips that highly successful fashion blogger follow.

I have done it and can help you as I have written down my observation. If you want to make a blog that generates parallel income then I hope this should be a definite guide for you to learn fashion blog writing skills.

Write A Fashion Blog Post To Get More Traffic

Here are my list of tips that you should follow to write a fashion blogs to create a fan following with relatively less efforts.

 The following part of the blog post will elaborate each point with some examples-

Tip no 1 – Write blog post as you talk-

Don’t over try to develop a writing style. People do not want to talk to a person who wear mask. Same principle works in every kind if blogging.

Write in the same manner as you talk to your friend. By doing so, you would be more natural and real. People like it. Still talking to a robot is not liked. No one can replace a real human touch, speech and emotion. When you write as you talk, You create your own style.

You may not be the best blog twitter but this is how people will recognize you. If you really have good fashion sense then you don’t need to really work heavily on developing writing style.

A fashion blogger actually do not impress a reader for short team, he makes a long term reader-writer relationship with subscribers.

Be natural and real in writing blog post and shared you fashion ideas in the manner you would explain it to your wife or close friend.

Tip no 2 – What your take on “Editorial” vs “class notebook”

Do not judge your reader’s vocabulary. They have not come to read a economic editorial of a national or international new paper.

Use simple words. Use simple language. Using heavy word may influence some high class individual but they are very less in numbers. The world is beautiful with all average readers. Think more for them. You would be loved more.

Tip no 3 – Influence the influencer

Remember one thing about fashion, It connects with everyone. Everyone has some sense of fashion or want to follow some sense. Whether a consumer makes his own choice or he is gifted a wearable, he will always ask someone “how do he look with that item?”.

If not then passively he seeks response when he goes in public. The response from his outing influence his choice thereafter. Even the end user of fashion item looks for social media response after sharing his or her image. The end user seeks opinion from someone else. This someone else is called influencer in fashion marketing word.

Influencers play bigger role in forming opinion about a product. A influencer helps a buyer make that buying decision.As a Fashion blogger you must understand that there are two critical thing you do-

  • Reach to maximum influencers
  • Influence the influencer to get more traffic

Tip no 4 – Be highly creative with image you use

A creative image is a perfect food for a fashion hungry eyes. And what catches a eye of a enthusiastic leave an impact in his or her brain. The image that you use in fashion blog must be targeted to eyes and brains.

If you are little confused then take a break and after sometime search for “Bag for women” in pinterest and Google Image separately.

1st is the result from pinterest and second is from Google Image. I am sure you like the results from pinterest. More creative people are using pinterest. better options can be found in pinterest for fashion items. Hence pinterest gets more focused traffic then google. Nothing against google, Even I use google n number of times a day. This example is just to make a case that creative wins heart and eyes in fashion industry.

Tip no 5 – Title should be as impressive as blog post

A fashion blogger should write a blog post title to get more clicks. See the difference yourself.

-Best hail style for office-Top 10 easy-to-do stylish hairstyles for office for this summer

The second like is likely to get more clicks then first for obvious reasons. There is a use of number, use of adjectives and occasion in the blog post title which is highly relevant.

Top no 6 – Focus on occasion, occasion & occasion

Combination of “What & Where” is occasion in fashion word. What and where is more important then how much.

The most important factor in fashion industry is not quality, quantity, style or store. It is timing. In fashion industry the timing is called occasion.

Every fashion idea, evey wearable, every make style, every hairdo, every design is made for a occasion. People like to adapt, experiments and excited fashion sense for a occasion or on a occasion.

Stop reading now and come back only after you have collection at least 50 occasions you know where as people try to exploit fashion sense before you write your next fashion blog post.

Do it now.

If you have done it. Then you have next 50 to 100 fashion blog post topic to write about.You can write about what to wear xyz in that xyz occasion to be different.You can write what mistake xyz did that you should not doHow to wear XYZ to become showstopper in your cousin’s marriage etc.

Spot occasion and tailor your blog post accordingly.

Tip no 7 – Copy and kill yourself

Never ever copy a fashion idea, blog post and any thing like this. It is like killing yourself. Once you do it then your best original blogs would be branded negatively as well. Plagiarism ( copying other ideas) is a self destructive habit with definite loss of future.

Do not copy. Be pure.

Tip no 8 – Form a opinion

The flow of a fashion blog post must be concluding to a opinion. The opinion could be at start of the blog post, it could be at last of the blog post or it could be anywhere but there has to be your opinion.

Forming opinion about a fashion idea is writing a blog with impact.

Don’t worry about the fact that few reader may not agree with your opinion. But you would be able to plant an idea that he may not have thought. That’s an impact.

Tip no 9 – Barter the “Interest”

Be interested in others, they will be interested in your fashion blog automatically. You have to be talkative in your own fashion blog post. Here are the some of then wonderful ways to show interest in readers-

  • Responding to comings where ever needed,
  • Appreciating the thought of others and
  • Accepting some of the improvement opportunity in your own fashion blog post

Do this often, you will find people interested in your fashion ideas. After all you write a fashion blog to impress others.

Tip no 10 – Old is not “Out”

Respect the fact that old never go out of fashion and return with a style. While you write a fashion blog post to impress the young guns, relate to old folks as well.

This actually uplift you as a mature fashion blogger who have good fashion sense.

It is hard to impress old folks but when you do it yourself, your raise a bar for yourself. Try it. It has worked in every industry and works in fashion industry as well.

Tip no 11- Simplicity is a also a statement

Do not over do you blog post. Writing a fashion blog post is not all about showing everything, it is all about explaining. People come to your blog to take a fashion idea that they could accept. You have to sell it with some logics and conviction.

Write with your own style but do not to style your fashion blog post too much.

You fashion blog is not a fashion store that needs to display every item to sell. If reader like your fashion idea in blog post then the will subscribe too. Do not teste your readers IQ. Write in simple words and simple sentences.

Tip no 12- Controversy and eyebrows

Take advantage of celebrities and controversies. Write on prevailing and ongoing controversies and relate them to your fashion blog. The subject of the blog post should not only touch the controversy buy should also strick into reader brain and eyes.Example –

  • 5 fashion style to learn from kate upton for your next office party.
  • 7 fashion mistakes to avoid done by kate middleton last winter.

You know the reaction of your reader when you successfully do it.What! Oh k! What the hell he (You) is talking about.!

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